Line Painting

Anti slip tennis courts line marking is applied in specialist sports court paint which enhances the grip of the tennis surface and ensures that scoring is accurate and fair for competitive matches.  The slip resistant paint coatings can be applied in a range of colours including red, blue, white and green, and the type of paint used depends on the surface specification that the court is installed in.  Acrylic tennis courts line marking paints is usually used for a macadam court surface, whereas polyurethane paint is used for polymeric rubber tennis courts.

The outdoor surface colouring will be done to suit your own preferences in terms of design and functionality.  Additional coloured markings can be added for extra sports, and different levels of slip resistance could be applied to suit your primary activities.

If you have a sports court which had fallen into disrepair or needs a refurbishment, we will do this as part of tennis court repair maintenance.  Damaged areas of the surface will be fixed and then a new application of coloured paint and line markings can be sprayed out.  This vastly improves both the playing qualities and the appearance of your facility without the extensive costs of resurfacing completely.   We also provide line painting for all sports surfaces and play areas including multi-use game areas, running tracks, basketball courts and school playgrounds.